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Memphis 4



1. Ace Of Spades: Melvin Carter
2. You've Got Me On The Critical List: Don Covay
3. You Are The Man: Inez & Charlie Foxx
4. I Call You Lover But You Ain't Nothing But A Tramp: Margie Hendrix
5. No You For Me: Climates
6. Things Have Gone To Pieces (45): Barbara & The Browns
7. He Won't Bite Me Twice: Big Amos Patton
8. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind (Take 2): Carol Fran
9. Let's Do It Over: L C Cooke
10. Cheater Man: Esther Phillips
11. Remone: Lindell Hill
12. Tell Him Tonight: Climates
13. What Can I Call My Own: Marvin Preyer
14. Your Eyes May Shine: Short Kuts
15. Best Of Luck To You: Howard Bomar
16. I Love You (Yes I Do): Willie Hightower
17. It's A Loving Time: Little Buster
18. The Real Thing: Ray Scott
19. I've Been Loving You Too Long: Jay Baldwin
20. I Ain't Got To Love Nobody Else: Blossoms
21. Hangin' Around Your Doorstep: Billy Cee
22. Don't Take Your Love: Blossoms

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