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Purify Cover


1. Wish You Didn’t Have To Go
2. So Many Reasons
3. Knock On Wood
4. I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)
5. Hitch Hike
6. I’ve Got Everything (I’ve Got You)
7. I’m Your Puppet
8. You Left The Water Running
9. A Change Is Gonna Come
10. Blame Me (Don’t Blame My Heart)
11. You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down
12. Do Unto Me
13. Everybody Needs Somebody
14. I Can Remember
15. I Was Born To Lose Out
16. Help Yourself (To All My Lovin’)
17. Last Piece Of Love
18. Untie Me
19. We’re Finally Gonna Make It
20. I Take What I Want
21. Hello There
22. Sixteen Tons
23. I Don’t Want To Have To Wait
24. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
25. Let Love Come Between Us
26. Shake A Tail Feather
27. Soothe Me
28. Goodness Gracious
29. I Love You (Most Of All)
30. You Don’t Love Me
31. I Don’t Know What It Is You Got
32. Section C
33. Keep Pushin’ Me
34. Just Like Old Times
35. My Adorable One
36. The Weeper
37. She Ain’t Gonna Do Right
38. Somebody Cares

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