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Meat Bone


1. Something's Wrong With My Lovin' Machine: Robert Henry
2. Miss Anna: Robert Henry
3. No Shoes: Eddie Kirkland
4. Time For My Lovin' To Be Done: Eddie Kirkland
5. Ain't No Meat On De Bone: Jack Dupree
6. Please Tell Me Baby: Jack Dupree
7. Eggs And Grits: Red McAllister & Orch
8. Rib Tips: Rufus Gore & Orch
9. Do Right: Ralph Willis
10. Why'd You Do It: Ralph Willis
11. How Much Do You Think I Can Stand: Little Tommy Brown
12. Heart Breaking Woman: Big Tom Collins
13. Watchin' My Stuff: Big Tom Collins
14. Please Don't Think I'm Nosey: Eddie Kirkland
15. I Mistreated A Woman: Eddie Kirkland
16. Firewater: Rufus Gore & Orch
17. Walkin' Upside Your Head: Jack Dupree
18. Rub A Little Boogie: Jack Dupree
19. Old Battle Ax: Robert Henry
20. Early In The Morning: Robert Henry
21. Ghost Walk: Rufus Gore & Orch
22. Camille: Jack Dupree
23. Big Ends: Rufus Gore & Orch
24. Goodbye I'm Gone: Little Tommy Brown

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