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Wolf Pack


1. Have a Good Time: Walter Horton
2. You Keep Dogging Me: Sonny and Jaycee
3. One More Kiss: Jesse Perkins and the Bad Boys
4. Wine, Women, Whisky: Papa Lightfoot
5. My Baby Left Me: B Brown and His Rockin McVouts
6. My Sweet Woman: Drifting Slim
7. Hello Miss Jessie Lee: Eddie Burns
8. Row Your Boat: Charles Clark and Willie Dixon Band
9. Harpers Return: Harper-Brinson Band
10. Rooster Blues: Lightnin Slim
11. Now Shes Gone: Jb and His Hawks
12. Cha Cha Cha in Blue: Junior Wells
13. Its You Baby: Sunnyland Slim
14. Chicken Hop: Billy Bland
15. This I Gotta See: Willie B
16. Stack of Dollars: Joe Williams
17. Joe Lees Rock: Boy Blue
18. Late Late in the Evening: Lazy Lester
19. Burnt Biscuits: The Triumphs
20. Nothing in This World (Gonna Keep You from Me): Jimmy Anderson
21. I Aint Got No Money: Billy (Boy) Arnold
22. Santa Fe: Baby Boy Warren
23. Oopin Doopin Doopin: Little George Smith
24. Wolf Pack: Kid Thomas
25. Live Jive: Whispering Smith
26. You'll Always Have a Home: Eddie Taylor
27. Driveway Blues: Ben Harper & The Cincos
28. I Didnt Know: Howlin Wolf

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