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Brothers & Sisters Of Soul



Brothers Sisters

he Red Onion label brings us another interesting compilation this time featuring a mix of male, female and mixed groups in their Relative Soul series. Obscurities abound and it would be a very committed collector who had these outstanding tracks on original 45 in their collection. So we thank Red Onion for making these rare tracks available to us all.

1 I Need Someone Wallace Brothers

2 Precious Words Wallace Brothers

3 Do Your Best Walter & Sisters

4 I Can Understand It Valentinos

5 I Keep Forgetting Thornton Sisters

6 You Can Forget It Sisters Three

7 The Death Of Love Valentinos

8 Long Gone Soul Sisters

9 Let Me Heal The Bruises Tavares

10 The Wedding Is Over Miller Sisters

11 Baby It's Real Sims Twins

12 I've Got To Win Your Love Sims Twins

13 We Got A Need For Each Other Lovables

14 Just One More Time Isley Brothers

15 Forget It I Got It Sisters Love

16 Do It Right Now Sisters Love

17 I Can't See Nobody Aubrey Twins

18 I Don't Like It Brother & Sisters Of Soul

19 I Guess That Don't Make Me a Loser Brothers Of Soul

20 Oh My Love Sweet Love Hill Sisters

21 I'm Tired Of You Baby Brothers Two

22 Mr Independent Soul Twins