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SB 19


1. Ain't That Just Like a Woman: Fats Domino
2. Early Dawn Boogie: Tommy Ridgley
3. I Don't Need You: James (Sugarboy) Crawford
4. Winehead Baby: Little Sonny Jones
5. He's a Real Gone Guy: Nellie Lutcher
6. Do You Wanna Man Like Me: Jay Nelson
7. Emma Lee: Chuck Martin
8. In the Night: Chick Carbo
9. That's What You Do to Me: Cookie
10. Why Did We Have to Part: Herb Hardesty (Vocal) Walter Nelson
11. Hey Bo: Eddie Bo
12. You Better Believe It: Paul Gayten
13. I'm Beggin' with Tears: Eddy Lang
14. Yellow, Mellow Hardtop: Ray Johnson and the Bystanders
15. Cryin' Emma: Rolling Crew & Orchestra
16. Lucy Brown: Chuck Carbo
17. My Girl Across Town: Lester Robertson
18. Learn to Treat Me Better: Lonesome Sundown
19. She's My Morning Coffee: Sidney Simien
20. Close Up the Back Door: Cookie & The Cupcakes
21. Walking in the Park: Guitar Gable Vocal King Karl
22. Oh Babe: Lester Robertson
23. Treat Me Right: Little Willie Egans
24. Grandma's House: Chris Kenner
25. No No Baby: Clarence Garlow
26. Jungle Rock: Lennie La Cour
27. Boogie Woogie Blues: Clarence Samuels
28. B-A-B-Y: Tal Miller