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SB 20

1. I'm Twisted: Cookie & The Cupcakes
2. Music Goes Round and Around: Paul Gayten
3. Poison Ivy: Two Crows & The Diggers
4. Baby Wants: The Flairs (Vocal) Richard Berry
5. Rock Me: Pat Valdelar Baby
6. Drops the Crazy Song: The Mellow
7. Bouncin' the Boogie: The Royal Kings
8. For You My Love: Nellie Lutcher & Nat King Cole
9. The Strip: The Upsetters
10. Rock-N- Roll Romance: Lennie Lacour
11. Rockin' Shoes: Tony Allan
12. Say That You Love Me: The Del-Chords
13. Don't Knock It: Sam Butera
14. Like You Used to Do: Shirley and Lee
15. Pelican Parade: Allen Toussaint
16. Mardi Gras in New Orleans: Fats Domino
17. Im Slippin In: The Spiders
18. Oh Red: Jimmy Wilson
19. Hop Scotch: The Monitors
20. Whistle Stop: Louis Prima with Sam Butera
21. All Women Are the Same: The Hawks
22. Meet Me at Grandma's Joint: George Stevenson
23. New Orleans Twist: Blazer Boy
24. Drunk Drunk Drunk: The Kidds
25. How I Feel: Chuck Carbo and the Spiders
26. Loud Mouth Annie: Myles and Dupont
27. So Glad: The Heart -Throbs
28. John the Revelator: Delta Southernaires

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